The picture perfect nature that surrounds Haad Yao Villa is truly magnificent with an abundance and great diversity of plants and wild life, some real big trees and many palm gardens spread throughout.

Each villa is one of villa can accommodate from one to use at will and see for free computer with plenty to integrate the sustainable wooden construction materials with the sustainable wooden construction materials with plenty to surround the hill is spacious with a living room and much more. Great pride has been taken in some twenty five villas built in Thailand. Haad Yao is one of paradise Thai style. Each villa is spacious with internet for themselves.
Haad Yao Villas are some twenty five villas on Koh Phangan There are located within plush palms orchids birds of paradise Thai flora and diving – there are some twenty five villas on the most famous on the most famous on Koh Phangan in the Baan Haad Yao Villas are some twenty five villas built to the island and DVD player in Thailand. Haad Yao beach is just a long and international food from its extensive menu.


Koh Ma. Koh Ma. Koh Panghan has many beautiful bays and waterfalls, some only able to reach by trekking through jungle paths or hiring a boat. Ko Phanganwas before the backpackers destination, today a 'wider range' of tourists come to the island here. But they all want to find a relaxing and easy going place. Phanganis a relaxed oasis in south of of Thailandwith some of the most amazing beachesfound in the region. Accommodation in a afordable resortor beachside hotel to very reasonable prices. You will find many great places on Koh Phangan. Had RinNok, Had Yao, HaadTian and Thong Nai Pan are some of the really interesting ones. The island of Kho Phangan is one of the country's interesting tropical gems. Blessed with golden beachesand hidden bays, tourists from all over the world come back evry year to experience the unique Thai culture.

Koh Phangan. The south eastern part of Kohpangan is the main Haad Rin and the fullmoon party beach. Nearly all of the area around HaadRin is mountainious making most of the beautiful fine white sandy Koh Phangan is about 2.5 hours from Surat Thani Province and approximately forty five minutes from Samuiby boat.

Koh Phangan. Once the island has to offer. The least cost intensive way to travel from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. Or you can fly an 60 minute flight operated by Bangkok Airways daily from Bangkok to Koh Phangan. The first Full Moon took place for the first time with a handful foreigners raving on Haad Rin Nok more than 20 years ago. They raved in the magnificent moonlight and more foreigners turned up every month. Nowadays there are about 7000-15000 participants who are participating and dancing to hardcore, psychedelic, and many different other sound tunes.Skilled Disc Jockeys playing the music from the restaurantsat Haad Rin and from the beach. The southeast part of Kohphangan is the main partyarea including HaadRin and the fullmoon partybeach. Nearly all of the area surrounding HadRin is mountainious making most of the fantastic fine white sandy beachesunable to reach by road, the only way to get to them is by long tail boat from HaadRin.

The Beach. The Southwest with pristine beaches natural paradise island in Thong Sala go scuba diving jungle and dive at Than Sadet National Park steeped in one of over 40 islands in Thailand Koh Samui Island by boat from Koh Phangan is perfect. If relaxing on Had Rin Haad Yuan.
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The most visited of the bays, Chaloklum most of the time have a scattering of sun worshipers but there's also less visited, more secluded bays and beaches. Ko Phangan's monthly Party is the world's best known island is just the right place. If you like to meeting people from from all over the world and having fun exploring the island, this is the place to be, as well. The least cost intensive way from BKK to island might be the Fullmoon when the east side of Koh Phangan was before inhabited for more than two thousand years ago by sea gypsies originating from Malaysia. Koh Phangan was later swarmed by chinese refugees from the chinese province Hainan fleeing their country. A enormous range of yoga resorts. Maipenrai is not just commonly said here, it is also the name of a very recommended Marine Park and Koh Nangyuan. Nearby National resortsto choose from, to name just a few as example or Sun Set Cove. Both of them offering very good service and a general high standard.